Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture Reupholstery From the Aellita

Aellita workshop offers a useful and important service for the repair, reupholstery, restoration of home, office, or hotel furniture. Such a need can arise in many cases: restyling furniture, changing the color scheme, or texture of the fabric. A team of professional designers has crucial expertise in working with furniture items, offering the best way to decorate and update your interior.

How to Apply for Furniture Reupholstery Service?

To realize all the wishes of the customer, we have a wide range of upholstery materials with a different look, style, color scheme, and price. When choosing materials, it is necessary to be guided by the following factors:

  • where the furniture is located (in the kitchen, hallway, living room, in the garden or on the loggia);
  • how often it is using (an office sofa with maximum traffic or an exclusive armchair for the home);
  • the option of quick cleaning (especially if you have pets or kids);
  • what is the core style of the apartment (whether it is classic or functionality-based);
  • what color prevails in the interior of the house (choose identical or create a bright color mark).

Repairing Your Favorite Furniture Is Easy!

For your convenience, we offer a massive variety of materials. We have more than 1000 kinds of beautiful and high-quality fabrics from the best manufacturers from around the world. In this case, you will need the expertise of a designer, who will show textile samples that are most suitable to solve particular issues. The reupholstery service order requires the following steps:

  1. You contact us on the website page or by phone;
  2. Our managers will come to your place and discuss all the nuances of the order;
  3. We conclude a simple paper agreement, pick up the furniture and take it to our equipped workshop;
  4. Professionals doing their job and we bring back your furniture pieces with a brand-new look.

Benefits of Our Service

With all the diversity, one thing is certain: all materials differ in a lot of advantages:

  1. solid fabric and material with high wear resistance;
  2. durability and colors that don't fade;
  3. the use of natural-cotton-based fabric and high-tech threads;
  4. tearing, fading, stretching and sagging resistance;
  5. easy to clean fabric surface;
  6. smooth or velvety but infinitely pleasant touch materials;
  7. textiles with original colors and impeccable quality.

The Right Choice Is A Step Towards Transforming Your Home

Aellita’s designers are excellent at dealing with details of both modern and classic interiors. Whether you choose cheap practical or luxury iconic fabrics, our prices may vary depending on your final choice. The most commonly used material is pleasant velvety chenille, elegant jacquard, a practical flock, or everyone’s favorite burlap (hessian), which will never go out of style.

Genuine or artificial leather looks respectable and rich, which will take pride of place in the office or home library. The royal tapestry with the pastoral will come in handy for the baroque style, incredibly decorating a luxury living room. Classics loves warm, restrained shades and textures and these are micro velour, velveteen, chamois leather, wool of natural tones. Stylish thermal printing will decorate your soft furniture with original drawings and make a modern bright accent in the interior.

Aellita’s consultants will do the exact measurement of your furniture and offer the best option for style and cost. Our qualified craftsmen will perform all the step-by-step processes starting from the removal of the old upholstery, restoration of the frame, and finishing with changing upholstery filler and total furniture reupholstery. In this case, all possible creases will be eliminated, and the furniture geometry will remain perfect. Do not delay updating your interior and appreciate the aesthetic look of cutting-edge fabrics!