About us

Iconic furniture pieces have proved to be the standard of style and taste. A responsive approach to home improvement and a meticulous selection of high-quality fabrics from Italy, Spain, and France guarantee the creation of a respectable interior. It often happens that the right choice of the proper textile can turn average furniture into a noble example of modern art.

Who Are We?

Aellita is an international reupholstery and designer furniture brand from Prague. Our company is filled with motivated and passionate decorators. The concept of Aellita is the skillful use of knowledge of textures and fabric combinations ensuring better use of our vast experience in creative research of solution for any task.

What distinguishes average pieces of furniture from designer samples? A special inspiration that allows us to create a miracle from seemingly ordinary things. Our work causes admiration and awe, and it becomes the art center of the whole space. All because the philosophy of the brand is a result of most original trends in design translated into reality. We respect people who value individuality and are ready to develop a design project considering all the personal tastes of their clients.

Aellita’s creative team knows well how to add a unique charm to your home and fill it with original and lively colors. Our advantages are:

  • high-quality and trendy fabrics;
  • a massive variety of products;
  • work only with trusted suppliers;
  • wide choice of style, texture, and color combinations;
  • the use of design expertise in many styles including minimalism, classic, art deco, empire, fusion;
  • the latest collections of world brands;
  • impeccable quality of the reupholstery;
  • short order lead time.

The Splendor of Colors, Styles, and Textures at Your Service

A massive number of beautiful fabrics from many countries in Europe are presented in our online store. We cooperate with both major and local suppliers, carefully selecting the most relevant samples to date. For your convenience, now all textile options are presented in one catalog, and here there are more than 1000 items! A great variety of products allows us to fulfill orders for the furniture reupholstery using cheap practical fabrics that will look light and fresh in your interior. Or we can offer uncovered luxury and magnificence, such as velvet or vintage jacquard.

Exclusive Design to Compliment Your Personality

Whether you choose a luxurious baroque or a playful country style, you will be provided with an extraordinary approach and an effective result. A designer sofa or chair will be a charming addition to the overall interior attracting by pleasant touch and a soft surface. Beauty lies in details, to which we pay close attention.

Aellita's designers are constantly searching for harmony, creating for your pleasure a juicy mix of comfort, beauty, and aesthetics. Apply and get professional advice on any matter of interest! In our workshop, we will carry out all the necessary work on reupholstery and creating iconic furniture pieces. If you want to enjoy the perfection of the lines, feel a pleasant touch, and immerse in the color palette, we will be happy to help you with this.