Production of Iconic Soft Furniture

Production of Iconic Soft Furniture

What is the main thing in the iconic furniture manufacturing? Exceptional taste, expensive materials, professional tools, a convenient workshop – Aellita’s specialists got all these crucially important conditions. The complex process of drawing up a design project and selecting materials reveals the extreme professionalism, to which we have been steadily striving since our foundation.

Where Did the Chesterfield Furniture Come From?

In the list of the most famous models of soft furniture, we are particularly attracted to the respectable Chesterfield style with its emphasizing royal look. It seems that the traditions of ancient Britain come to life which knows a lot about beautiful things.

Flashback. Over the years, people forgot where the sofa came from. According to one version, it was first created by the same-named English furniture maker of the 13th century, and according to another version, the furniture was ordered by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, known as a diplomat and statesman. Anyway, the birthplace of the trend was Misty Albion, and now the sofa has become widespread furniture around the world. This design is distinguished by several key details inherent exclusively to Chesterfield:

  • genuine leather as upholstery material (or synthetic leather as a low-cost option);
  • a quilted surface for the steady spreading of the filler, which is called a “carriage screed” or “capitone”;
  • back and armrests of the same height and soft configuration, similar to a bud opening;
  • low sitting couches with short legs;
  • in the full-face position, the armrests look like antique scrolls;
  • soft pillows for seats, in which you can conveniently dive in;
  • noble tones of gray, black, deep brown, creamy beige.

From old times to the present day

Modern interpretations allow us to play with colors and carry out a bold mix of textures and shades of fabric. For example, the Chester sofa in red or snow-white looks elegant and unique in a ladies' boudoir. A set for an office with smooth shiny skin will be incredibly dominant. The light upholstery with an embossed reptile looks exclusive and simply chic that elegantly fits into a minimalist living room.

Our catalog presents a truly vast expanse for choosing one of 1000 material options, including faux leather and fabric. Iconic soft furniture from Aellita will help you take a fresh look at creating a personal interior, embodying your view and fantasies. In addition to sofas, we can offer to make:

  1. original sleeping sets and beds;
  2. armchairs with refined forms, chairs and soft poufs;
  3. strict-wooden-style entry coat hangers with padded seats;
  4. elegant ottomans both as accessories for the hallway and stylish decoration of the living room.

Unique and Recognizable Design

Chesterfield-style sofa with luxurious design will create a classic or ultramodern style in any space. The model can be used as an island piece of furniture without attaching it to the wall due to the neat back surface. The convenient position of the back will suit people of any build and height, providing comfortable back support.

Aellita's design team provides professional consulting services with detailed sketch creating. We will consider all the wishes of the customer, as we respect the individual approach to each project. Such a sofa framed by armchairs looks elegant and pertinent in any style, be it neoclassical, romantic, or colonial. Without a doubt: the legendary Chester-style furniture will always be the top-fashion trend, remaining a brutal embodiment of might and worth.